Our lab is a part of the Nano Electronics program in Electrical Engineering, and member of the Bar-Ilan Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials.
The main interest of our lab is electronic devices based on two-dimensional materials, including graphene and inorganic layered compounds.

In the 2D-electronics lab we have three layers of activity: the theoretical, in which we try to identify promising directions for finding interesting materials and properties that can be harnessed for new devices. Theory and calculations are also an important activity in explaining observations made by experimental work.
The second type of activity is to synthesize or modify 2D materials in order to achieve specific physical properties of materials for improved device performance. For example, we pursue techniques to induce a permanent magnetic moment in semiconductors and control their bandgap and charge carrier concentration with high precision.
The third layer is actually making devices and performing measurements and characterization of their performance at various conditions.

Overall, our mission is to harness novel the properties and physical phenomena of 2D materials into functional technology, even if their operation is beyond existing paradigms.


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